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Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 each year to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Sustainability, reduced emissions, and a smaller ecological footprint have become increasingly important for all companies. In the packaging, material handling, warehousing, and several other industries, using a Spiral Conveyor can help in several ways. Let us show you how!

At Royal Apollo, our Spiral Conveyors are great space savers and drastically reduce the footprint of traditional incline conveyors. This helps reduce the required footprint for a facility during new construction. Additionally, the ease with which our conveyor’s transport vertically allows for better utilization of vertical space in existing buildings, eliminating the need for new wings or buildings.

Our unique chain slat arrangement creates a highly efficient conveying surface, requiring only a single low kW motor to drive even our tallest machines. This feature alone reduces power consumption and simplifies integration. The efficiency of our design also requires very little lubrication or wear and tear of our parts, both of which affect the environment.

Apollo Spiral Conveyors are designed to have a long lifespan. Proper integration and preventative maintenance can keep them in production for an extended period, reducing the need for equipment replacement. This helps save money and minimizes the demand for natural resources.

Moreover, our conveyors’ modular design makes reconfiguring or repurposing easy, allowing you to modify an existing Spiral Conveyor instead of purchasing a new one. This approach can be considered as a green solution since it eliminates the need to transport the spiral back and forth to be modified in our manufacturing plant. Often, a spiral can be reconfigured in the field within even just one day, saving you time and money!

In summary, Apollo Spiral Conveyors are environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and can help reduce your ecological footprint by minimizing building, energy, waste, and maintenance costs while increasing productivity!

On this Earth Day, Royal Apollo encourages all businesses to consider more sustainable solutions (such as using Spiral Conveyors!) to reduce their ecological footprint and contribute to a better future for this planet we share and love.

Visit the official “Earth Day” website ( for more information.