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Apollo Spiral Conveyors

Core to our vertical conveying systems are our renowned Spiral Conveyors. Every Spiral Conveyor is designed according to our proven reliable technology, offering many features and benefits.This technology makes the Apollo Spiral Conveyors faster and more reliable than any other vertical transport solution,while saving the most of valuable floor spacein production and logistics facilities.

Single Lane Spiral Conveyor

Save floor space and increase your throughput with the Single Lane Spiral Conveyor

Dual Lane Spiral Conveyor

Two spirals in one, two tracks, twice as much throughput!

Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyor

Heavy Duty Spiral Conveyor for the tough jobs

Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor

Handles full bottles as well as empty bottles,cans,jars and many more up to 2,000 units per minute!

Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor

Handle small loads with this compact Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor

Wide Trak Spiral Conveyor

A Spiral Conveyor for the Big Loads