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Spiral elevator

Spiral elevator, designed according to our proven reliable technology You have a warehouse. Now you are looking to transport your products from A to Z as smoothly as possible. Also, your floor space is very valuable for you. Perhaps our Spiral Elevators can help you out! But what is a spiral elevator exactly? Which one […]

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Improve warehouse efficiency

Improve warehouse efficiency? This is the way to go How to improve warehouse efficiency? That is the question we are going to answer with today. By warehouse efficiency, we mean performing logistic operations in a way that is efficient and increases productivity. Who wouldn’t want that! Today you will get answers to questions like: What […]

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Innovations: Dual Lane Mass Flow

The APOLLO Mass Flow Spiral Conveyors are perfectly designed for handling full and empty bottles, cans, cups, jars, other similar single containers, and many more. It is especially suited and widely used in the food and beverage industry. The conveyor can handle up to a high capacity of 120.000 units per hour, depending on the […]

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APOLLO becomes ‘Royal APOLLO’!

We are thrilled to announce that on our 175th anniversary, we have been awarded ‘the crown on our work’, the status of a Royal title, granted by the King of the Netherlands himself! The predicate announces an acknowledgement for having a good reputation and symbolizes the respect, valuation, and trust of the King. An impeccable […]

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Happy 175th anniversary to us!

No Coca-Cola and Tesla from A to B without the APOLLO Group For many years the APOLLO Group makes sure that brands like Coca-Cola and Tesla roll through their factories by using Apollo machines. In February 2022 APOLLO will reach the milestone of 175 years in business. It is one of the oldest Dutch family […]