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Transporting cans and bottles: how we do it

When it comes to the world of beverages, whether it’s your favourite craft beer, sparkling soda, or a vintage bottle of wine, the journey from production to consumption involves careful handling and transport. Transporting cans and bottles requires precision to ensure that these precious cargo items arrive intact and ready to delight consumers. In this blog post, we’ll explore the techniques and considerations behind safely transporting cans and bottles. One technology that has revolutionized the way manufacturers handle cans and bottles is the Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor.

Transporting cans and bottles with a Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor

The Apollo Mass Flow Spiral Conveyors are perfectly designed for handling full and empty bottles, cans, jars, other similar single containers and many more. The products are conveyed vertically in a continuous mass flow.

3 benefits of the Mass Flow

The Mass Flow offers several advantages that enhance production lines, making it an indispensable asset in modern manufacturing.

1. Increased Efficiency

The primary advantage of a mass flow spiral conveyor is its ability to handle large volumes of products efficiently. This increased throughput can lead to higher production rates and quicker turnaround times. By moving multiple items simultaneously, production lines can operate at a faster pace without sacrificing quality.

2. Space Optimization

The vertical spiral design is a game-changer for space management. By utilizing vertical space, manufacturers can significantly reduce the conveyor’s footprint on the production floor. This leaves more room for other essential machinery and operations, enhancing the overall workflow of the facility.

3. Reduced Product Damage

One of the critical concerns in transporting cans and bottles is minimizing damage. Mass flow spiral conveyors are designed to handle products smoothly and gently. The continuous flow reduces the instances of sudden stops and starts, which can lead to dents and breakage. This careful handling ensures that products reach their final destination in optimal condition.

Type of products

The spiral conveyor handles full bottles as well as empty bottles, cans, jars and many more up to 2,000 units per minute! The Apollo Mass Flow is suitable for a broad range of different kinds of bottles & cans, for example:

  • Beer bottles;
  • Soda cans;
  • Yoghurt cups;
  • Water bottles;
  • Wine bottles;
  • Plastic juice cans;
  • And many more.

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Transporting cans and bottles is a precise and meticulous process that requires attention to detail at every step. The design of the Apollo Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor is based on our proven and reliable Spiral technology: just like the conventional Spiral Conveyor, the Mass Flow Spiral Conveyor runs on only one motor.

The products are loaded and guided towards the conveyor belt, after that the products will be transported downwards or upwards. The Mass Flow can be integrated with your conveyor for the most efficient material handling solution. By employing these techniques and partnering with trusted logistics providers, producers and distributors can rest assured that their products will reach consumers in perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed to the fullest. Transporting cans and bottles isn’t just about moving goods—it’s about preserving quality and delivering delight.

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